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Welcome to RTA's online ADA Services. From this site, you can book, view and cancel your trips on our Paratransit fleet. Our service is available 7 days a week. Simply enter your user name and password and you're on your way. Once you login, you will see a menu box with your name and address followed by a list of links that will navigate you through our site.
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PARATRANSIT ONLINE Eligibility Requirements:

First Time User:

Your initial user name and password is your client ID. Your client ID is located on your RTA ADA/Paratransit/Senior card.

Once you have successfully logged in, you MUST change your password. Your password must contain only characters and/or numbers and cannot include special characters such as spaces, commas, slashes.

You also need to answer the challenge question to complete your first-time login.

Forgotten Passwords:

Click on the forgot your password? link. Once your answer your challenge question, the sytem will reset your username and password to your client ID. Once again you must create a new password to enter the sytem successfully. Remember, no spaces or special characters!

Forgotten User Name:

Your user name is your client ID which is located on your RTA ADA/Paratransit/Senior card. Please call Customer Service at 216.566.5124 if you misplace this card.

Change Password:

Changing your password is easy, just type your existing password in the Old Password box, type in your new password in the New Password and Repeat New Password boxes and click the Change Password button. Make sure your write down or otherwise remember your new password.

ADA Fares and Services

The Americans with Disability Act was signed into federal law in 1990. It guarantees equal opportunity for people with functional physical and mental disabilities in employment, public accommodations, state and local government service, telecommunications and transportation. To ensure equal access to public transportation, RTA has developed a variety of special transportation services for those who qualify under the ADA.

ADA Service Package

RTA's ADA related service package is composed of a number of service elements. These include: lift equipped fixed route vehicles, and special door-to-door Paratransit service.

Accessible Fixed Route Service

RTA's entire fixed route bus fleet is now totally wheelchair accessible. Customers with an RTA Senior/disabled ID card or Medicare card can ride this service for only $1.25. RTA also offers Senior/disabled ID cardholders and Medicare cardholders an All-Day Pass for only $2.75.

ADA Complementary Paratransit Service

To supplement accessible fixed-route service, RTA offers persons with disabilities who qualify under ADA, special Paratransit service. RTA's Paratransit service is provided by specially trained operators using smaller, lift-equipped buses.

Individuals who qualify for Category I & III are eligible for special Door-to-Door Service. Customers are provided service from point of origination to destination anywhere in the RTA service area, provided the trip origin and destination are within 3/4 of a mile of RTA fixed route service and at a time when fixed route service is available. Service will be provided to ADA eligible riders who reside more than 3/4 mile from a fixed route, but only within a five mile radius (within Cuyahoga County) and on a space available basis.

Paratransit service is now available seven days a week.

Paratransit Eligibility

Guidelines provided in the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act establish the eligibility criteria for RTA's Paratransit service. There are three categories of eligibility for this service. You may qualify for special RTA service under ADA if:

  • You are unable, without special assistance, as the result of physical or mental impairment, to get on, ride, or get off an accessible vehicle on the public transit system.
  • You need the assistance of a wheelchair lift or other boarding device and are able to get on, ride, and get off an accessible vehicle, but such a vehicle is not available on the route when you are planning to travel.
  • You have a specific impairment-related condition which prevents you from traveling to or from a station or stop on the transit system.

Applying for Paratransit Service

To use RTA's Paratransit service, you must first apply for ADA certification. To request an ADA application, or if you need help completing the application, call 216.566.5124 or for the hearing impaired only call 216.781.4757 (TDD). Also, based on your individual needs, the application is available in large print or other accessible forms.

Once your application is approved, you will be notified of the category of service for which you are qualified. Finally, you will be issued a green ADA identification card that will allow you to use the service. (Please Note: Allow 48 hours from the time you receive your ADA ID card before you attempt to schedule your first trip.)

If the limitations of your disability do not qualify you for ADA certification, you have the option to appeal RTA's decision regarding your application. Additional information regarding the appeal process is available by calling 216.566.5124.The hearing impaired can call 216.781.4757 (TDD).

How to Reserve ADA Paratransit Service

To reserve a Paratransit ride, call 216.781.1110, or for the hearing impaired only, 216.781.6148 (TDD). Operators are available to process your trip request seven days a week from 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m. With each call, you may schedule up to three round trips. When calling for a reservation, please have the address of your trip's beginning point as well as the trip's start time and preferred time of arrival. (When reserving a medical appointment-related trip, be sure to allow an additional 45 minutes for the start of your return trip.) Finally, to allow sufficient time for scheduling, you should call at least one week in advance of your trip.

If you must cancel a trip reservation, you are asked to call as soon as possible, but no later than 60 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time. It is preferred that you give 24 hour notice of cancellation so that other ADA eligible customers may use the available trip time for their travel needs. Customers with a history of failing to provide sufficient notice of trip cancellation or not appearing for a trip, may have their Paratransit privileges suspended and possibly revoked. For a copy of RTA's Paratransit No Show, Cancellation and Customer Behavior Policy, call 216.781.1110, or for the hearing impaired only, 216.781.6148 (TDD).

ADA Fare Structure

Customers using the service are charged a fare of $2.75 each way. Additionally, customers with an ADA Senior/disabled ID card may ride fixed-route bus and rail service for only $1.25. Personal Care Attendants, as defined by ADA, who need to accompany a Paratransit customer, ride free on all service.

If the limitations of your disability do not qualify you for ADA certification, you may be eligible for one of RTA's other discount fare programs for use on RTA's regular fixed service. All companions must pay $2.75 for each trip.

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